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"Hey! I'm a big fan of AH and I would like to know how do you make your songs, ambient sounds and stuff. What program do you use/ recommend ? I play guitar and for years I've been trying to record some instrumental but I don't have recording equipment. I just have a PRS Se Custom guitar, a Floor pod plus and a mini amp."

Asked by 191008

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply, I haven’t logged on here in a while. Thanks for getting in touch!

We’ve been using Pro Tools for recording. I’d recommend something small like an Mbox, so you can either DI guitars/bass or track them live with an amp. Most of the effects we’re using these days are actually using plug-ins, so we can tinker with verbs and delays later on too.

As you have a Pod already, I’d recommend trying DI’s first. See what sounds you can get that way. Good luck!

- Scott

Here’s a little something new I worked on just last night. It’s a work in progress, but I wanted to show you guys something new considering how long it’s been since an update!

Whilst Dan has been working on his many projects (White Moth, Black Butterfly and Skyharbor) I’ve been working on my own solo EP entitled ‘You Are Alive.’

This is the title track. I hope you enjoy it!

Scott Kay

A fan, Alex Akins, recorded a cover of Lightning Tree, off our August Earth album, and it’s fantastic! My day has been made.

"have you (dan) thought about flying to perth and playing some shows :P"

Asked by Anonymous

To speak on behalf of Dan, as Dan doesn’t moderate here, he’s thought about coming here to holiday. Flights are quite pricey, so it wouldn’t be worth it for the kind of shows we’d be putting on to get him over here just to play shows. But who knows, we might meet up at some point over here and make something happen. The future is full of possibilities!

Here’s something new I wrote recently. I made this video a month or so ago, but just felt the urge to share it with you tonight.

Still a work in progress, but I hope you enjoy it!

"Have you ever considered featuring any local talent on your next release?"

Asked by Anonymous

I have considered that, however part of the reason why I started writing for K. Project and Absent Hearts was to have as much creative control as possible. I generally know what I want in the music, and I can usually achieve that myself. Though I do like to have a drummer’s input on drum parts, as I don’t know a lot about how to write/program good drums.

After listening to Glass Ocean's new single, Nature of Mind, I wanted to record my own bass part for it. Absent Hearts and Glass Ocean I feel have strong musical similarities, and I hope that we can work together on something in the future!


August Earth CD’s are back in stock!
Head to either of the links below. Shirt bundles are also available from BigCartel.

August Earth CD’s are back in stock!

Head to either of the links below. Shirt bundles are also available from BigCartel.


Leonard Barker, a good friend of mine who recorded drums for both the Arctic EP and August Earth, will be releasing a series of play-along videos over the coming weeks! He’s done a play-through of both Whispers of a Sleepwalker and Build it Higher, from August Earth.

But for now, here’s a video of him improvising.